ICA webb application 28/2-20 15:02

A webb application for ICA to make it easier to buy meat.


Double Switch - Arduino 23/10-19 20:18

Imagine this is a school timer, it opens 8:30 and closes 17:00. In this case we have to switches and both should work to switch the bulb on and off at any time between 8:30 - 17:00. But switches should not work any other time.

DoubleSwitch Arduino

Trespassing alert system 25/10-19 17:32

Tresspasing System, made with arduino. If the sensor notices some motion it will start an alarm by doing sounds with the buzzer and printing out on lcd time tresspasing. When the motion Stops, there will be time printed on the lcd twhen the last time intruder was seen.

Tresspasing System

Tripple NightRider 02/11-19 21:35

A nightrider made with arduino, but in form of a tripple braclet.

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Tripple Night RIder

Calculator 08/11-19 19:49

My first attempt at creating a calculator in C#. This is quiet an unique calculator. I added some features that i think are helphull, so you should play around with it. If you are intrested in code, I added some comments and pseudocode.


Unfortately, I couldn't add the shift + key feature so here is some functional keys:

  • multicplication - M
  • division - D
  • one xths - X
  • negative - .

Interest Calculator27/11-19 19:49

A calculator which will make a table for your loans and interests

Interest Calculator

Currently the version is in swedish and save function doesn't work.